The Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin Podcast

Episode 5: Let’s Talk About Sex

On Episode 5 we discuss how a person’s views about sex shape the way we move through life.  And how our views about sex are shaped by our upbringing, environment, and experiences.  As well as the importance of bridging the gap between eliminating the shame that comes with the topic of sex; and encouraging open and healthy conversations.  Take a listen! And follow her on social: @farkarwa (IG) or Mia Creswell (Facebook). For information about the 2nd Own Your Peach Back-to-School Social visit:! Meet us there!

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Spiritual Journey

Open Letter to Little Girls Everywhere

Open Letter to Little Girls Everywhere

July 23, 2018

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

There are many unexpected things that you will experience. One is the importance of remembering the core values instilled in you by your parents/guardians. They will give you and your sisters everything they can emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. Show your appreciation for them as much as possible. Especially when you ‘get grown.’


Your values will be tested. You will feel the need to fight battles that aren’t yours to fight. 🙌🏾 It’ll take you some time to learn this but don’t beat yourself up about it.


Forgive yourself sooner than later.

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The Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin Podcast

Episode 3: Fight From Victory. Not for Victory

On Episode 3 we discuss the importance of fighting from a place of victory; not FOR victory. Often times, we find ourselves in a never-ending rat race or trying to come up for air because we get so bogged down. But when we live with a heart of expectancy and from a place of victory, things become so much more manageable. Take a listen! And follow her on social: @farkarwa (IG) or Mia Creswell (Facebook).

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The Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin Podcast

Series Premier of the Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin Podcast

Welcome to the premier of “The Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin!!” This is a podcast featuring Mia Creswell, Houston, TX Native. Here, we talk about the “Unspoken Truths about Faith, Life, Love, and Sex.”
Meet your Host:

Mia is a Christian, Founder and Executive Director of Own Your Peach Inc., mentor, self-proclaimed chef, and writer. In her quest to live purposefully, she decided to create this space to encourage open and honest conversations about life and our experiences as it pertains to Faith, Life, Love, and Sex. You can also expect to find interviews with experts in various fields relating to these 4 areas; and ‘High Tea’ where peers and friends will chime in on the conversation. Follow Mia on social: @farkarwa (IG) or Mia Creswell (Facebook).

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2nd Annual Own Your Peach Back-to-School Social & Recruiting Event

Hey everyone!!

We had such a great turnout last year that we are bringing the OYP Back-to-School Social back on Saturday, August 18! We have had such an amazing response from small business willing to donate their products and services to our raffle. But we still need your help! We desire to provide school supplies to our new mentees again this year. How can you help? Simply click HERE and you will be taken to the Own Your Peach Back to School Wish list on amazon. Purchase an item or 2…or 3…or however many your heart desires! Then, simply share the link with friends, family, and anyone else who wants to support Own Your Peach in making a positive impact in our commUNITY!

Thank you,

Mia Creswell

Own Your Peach

Founder & Executive Director

Take a peek at some pictures from our 1st Annual B2S Event!

*Own Your Peach Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.*