The Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin Podcast

Season 2 Episode 1- She Ready!

Season 2 of the Misadventures of the Millennial Virgin podcast premier begins with a brief recap of season 1. Followed by explanation for Mia’s absence including the release of her first book “Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook.” Concluding  with a synopsis of what listeners can expect for Season 2! Details for the official book signing and launch party for Reflections from the Kitchen” can be found here. Take a listen! And follow her on social: @farkarwa (IG) or Mia Creswell (Facebook).

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Reflections from the Kitchen

#ReflectionsfromtheKitchen Book Signing/Launch Party

Happy Wednesday Tribe!

So, I took a poll on Instagram last week and based on the responses, it was preferred that I issue a save the date for the official book signing/launch party for “Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook” sooner than later. And guess what?! Before releasing the info to the masses…YOU are the first to hear about it!

On top of that…you get a sneak peek of the sponsors who are involved in this event.  Not only are there perks with being a subscriber…but there are perks that come with signing up as a sponsor early!

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Reflections from the Kitchen

Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook (eBook) Update

Hey tribe! 

It has been one week since I shared a very special announcement with you! If you were able to tune in thank you! If you weren’t…don’t worry…I won’t hold it against you! lol 🙂

Anywhoo, I think we have already established that there are some pretty cool perks that come with being part of my tribe/subscribing to my website! That being said, I have some AMAZING news for you.

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