Hi there!

So, I have been doing a #MeatlessMonday challenge with some friends and family since March 27, 2017.  The idea is to eliminate meat from our diets every Monday for the rest of the year.  In this Facebook group, we share recipes and encourage one another to move towards healthier eating and lifestyle habits.  We are not food/health experts.  Everything we share is simply what works for us.  I stumbled the second week and gave into the pressure while I was at work.  So, I ‘made up for it’ the following day by going meatless.  But I’ve been sticking to it since!  If you stumble, just get back up!  Initially, I thought it was a bit extreme to commit to going meatless on Monday’s for the rest of the year.  But honestly, it’s been great.  It allows me to get more creative with my meals when I’m up to it.  And I’m incorporating so much more veggies and fruits into my diet.  I’ve even been getting my family to go along with it, and they’ve been allowing me to experiment with them on the recipes I muster up.  So far, all happy tummies!  That being said, you will see a new post every Monday in celebration of #MeatlessMonday.  If you are seeing this for the first time, no worries!  It’s not too late to join us.  To join the Facebook group, search on Facebook for “MeatlessMondays 2017!”


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