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Open Letter to Little Girls Everywhere

Open Letter to Little Girls Everywhere

July 23, 2018

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

There are many unexpected things that you will experience. One is the importance of remembering the core values instilled in you by your parents/guardians. They will give you and your sisters everything they can emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. Show your appreciation for them as much as possible. Especially when you ‘get grown.’


Your values will be tested. You will feel the need to fight battles that aren’t yours to fight. 🙌🏾 It’ll take you some time to learn this but don’t beat yourself up about it.


Forgive yourself sooner than later.


You will learn the beauty of being feminine and strong because the two are not mutually exclusive. You will struggle to embrace your weaknesses because of fear of being vulnerable. It’s unfamiliar ground for you. But one day you will decide to walk FULLY in your truth. And when that day arrives…GIRL. You’ll know it. And you will empower others to have the courage to do the same. Then and only then will you be prepared for EVERYTHING GOD has in store for you.


You will also learn the importance of growing into full womanhood. HUNTY…womanhood has nothing to do with your social status, how much money you have in your account, how big you behind is or how small your waist is. And it definitely has nothing to do with whether you are attached to a man. In fact, you’ll end up waiting a bit longer than you anticipated (he probably just got lost or something🤣😆jk) but it will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it. 🙌🏾😭🤪But in all seriousness, growing into full womanhood has everything to do with knowing who God is and becoming the woman GOD created you to be.


There are times you will wonder “what have I really accomplished?” “Am I really making a difference?” “I have about 363848494 things that I want to do…can I?” “Does what I do really matter?”


Then you’ll look and see how much you have grown. From a being timid child, to a still shy and introverted woman…but also a lioness…a woman who knows EXACTLY what she wants.💁🏾‍♀️To becoming a woman who is AWARE of who and WHOSE she is. Unapologetically. A woman who gives 100% for who and what she loves.


Oh in case you were wondering, that light? It shines is a result of God’s love, grace, and mercy over your life. But also a result of the HARD WORK that you have put in to strive to be the best version of yourself. Others will see it. They will wonder what it is. Many will not understand. Some will. Cherish them!Some will be uncomfortable. That’s okay. Keep shinin’💫 so they can see HIM. There’s a joy, peace, and confidence, and assertiveness that comes with knowing & staying true to YOURSELF. And THAT little girl, is where your super powers are. 💫


So as you walk into year 29…keep progressing. Hold your head up & keep your eyes on Him. Keep loving. Keep living purposefully. There is work to be done. And always remember that teamwork truly makes the dream work.

With love,



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