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Jeans and Jewels Fundraising Gala Honoree

Hey Tribe!

As some of you may know (if you follow me on Instagram),  I recently found out that I will be one of the honorees at the Jeans and Jewels fundraising Gala on November 10!! Isn’t that amazing?! GOD is CRAZY FAITHFUL…for real!!

Many times in life, you may question what you are doing, if what you are doing matters, and if what you are doing serves a purpose/greater good. BUT…when you grow to the point where you seek ONLY to serve God and glorify Him…things change. Drastically. When you refrain from focusing on the outcome, God is able to use that head space to further the vision He gave you in the first place…in ways you never imagined. That’s where I am.  No, it’s not a cake-walk…you just have to be intentional about doing this!

So when Thomasina (Jeans and Jewels Founder and Executive Director) contacted me about being highlighted next to other community advocates who are empowering our youth…I was speechless. I am not being dramatic. I literally cried because I was truly humbled/honored. Plus, I was in the middle of creating a mental to-do-list for Own Your Peach (Yall…if only you knew what goes on inside my head. lol). That was God’s way of not just reminding me to keep doing His will…but also to remind me to come up for air! Anywhoo, I wanted to share this brief post for a few reasons:

  1. To encourage you to KEEP GOING.
  2. To remind you to stay in your lane and out of the comparison trap
  3. To get out of your comfort zone and don’t allow past experiences and let-downs stop your from getting back up
  4. Ask God to order your steps AND seek Him before making major or minor moves. And wait for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Ask for wisdom and discernment in the process. Too often we pray for God’s will to be done, but we lack the patience to listen for the answer. (That’s a word!)
  5. As God elevates, opens new doors, and allows you to progress, ALWAYS remain humble in knowing that HE is the reason and deserves all the glory that comes. I don’t care what the world says…His children are not called to be selfish, self-seeking, or arrogant. Jesus wasn’t. At the same time, NEVER dim your light for the sake of making others more comfortable. Shining your light gives girls and women permission and courage to live purposefully too!

Now back to the event! If you plan on attending, please let me know so you CAN sit with us. 🙂 For more information on the gala and to purchase tickets, click below! 



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