Reflections from the Kitchen

Reflections from the Kitchen: 28-Day Facebook Challenge

Hey Tribe!

The “Reflections from the Kitchen” 28-Day Challenge begins TODAY!

God is crazy faithful! And I am so excited to take this journey with you all. The purpose of this challenge is to reflect on our own personal journey with ourselves, those around us, and most importantly, our relationship with God!

At the end of the 28-Days, you should be more self-aware, encouraged, convicted, and inspired to fearlessly pursue being the woman (or man lol) God has called you to be!

The rules are simple:

2. Follow the reading schedule
3. Post your thoughts to the group daily

Reflections reading schedule


Daily participation (includes posting to the group daily)
enters you into a raffle to win a God + my tribe shirt!
They’re also on my site now.
And to celebrate the start of this challenge, they’re just $15 (regular price is $20) through the weekend. Click below to head over to my “shop” page to purchase! 🙂


Farkarwa ❤

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