Reflections from the Kitchen

Reflections from the Kitchen: 28-Day Facebook Challenge

Hey Tribe!

The “Reflections from the Kitchen” 28-Day Challenge begins TODAY!

God is crazy faithful! And I am so excited to take this journey with you all. The purpose of this challenge is to reflect on our own personal journey with ourselves, those around us, and most importantly, our relationship with God!

At the end of the 28-Days, you should be more self-aware, encouraged, convicted, and inspired to fearlessly pursue being the woman (or man lol) God has called you to be!

The rules are simple:

2. Follow the reading schedule
3. Post your thoughts to the group daily

Reflections reading schedule


Daily participation (includes posting to the group daily)
enters you into a raffle to win a God + my tribe shirt!
They’re also on my site now.
And to celebrate the start of this challenge, they’re just $15 (regular price is $20) through the weekend. Click below to head over to my “shop” page to purchase! 🙂


Farkarwa ❤

Reflections from the Kitchen

Reflections from the Kitchen Book Signing/Launch Party Recap

Hey tribe!

I am SO excited to finally get this recap complete!  The official Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook was a huge success! I am forever grateful for my tribe, sponsors, and everyone else who made this event a success!

Now…let’s get this recap started HUNTY!

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Reflections from the Kitchen

#ReflectionsfromtheKitchen Book Signing/Launch Party

Happy Wednesday Tribe!

So, I took a poll on Instagram last week and based on the responses, it was preferred that I issue a save the date for the official book signing/launch party for “Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook” sooner than later. And guess what?! Before releasing the info to the masses…YOU are the first to hear about it!

On top of that…you get a sneak peek of the sponsors who are involved in this event.  Not only are there perks with being a subscriber…but there are perks that come with signing up as a sponsor early!

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Reflections from the Kitchen

Reflections from the Kitchen: A 31-Day Devotional Cookbook (eBook) Update

Hey tribe! 

It has been one week since I shared a very special announcement with you! If you were able to tune in thank you! If you weren’t…don’t worry…I won’t hold it against you! lol 🙂

Anywhoo, I think we have already established that there are some pretty cool perks that come with being part of my tribe/subscribing to my website! That being said, I have some AMAZING news for you.

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Reflections from the Kitchen

Shhhhhh…Special Announcement!!

Hey tribe! 

Now, you know I had to keep my promise to you.  Because you are part of my tribe by following/subscribing to my blog, you get first dibs on the tea.  Now…before I spill it…you have to promise me that this will be our little secret until 7:45 pm CST when I make the OFFICIAL announcement via Facebook Live & Instagram Live!  If you “agree to those terms” lol then keep reading!

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